Terms and Conditions

  • We follow the warranty policy issued by the International, Domestic or Bangladesh ECAB and Specific Brand for each product.
  • Customer needs to check closely before unbox the product like color, model, specs and size.
  • If customer wants to Modify the Real product then it’s totally his/her responsibility if any damage happen while upgrading.
  • Before unboxing any products, customer must have to pay the agreed price. Please remember after unboxing, there is not a single option for cancel the deal. If customer would like to cancel the Order then he/she has to pay 20% of product cost.
  • If a defect is found immediately after the sale of a product covered by the warranty, the defect is removed through repair and it is immediately changed according to the type of product. In addition, the product of a particular model is not repairable and the same or equivalent product is not available in our stock, then a good product from that model can be replaced by depreciation and price adjustment. On the other hand if customer found any damaged (which is not cover the warranty) outside our outlet then it’s not in our liabilities.  
  • All products do not come with a warranty. Warranty is only valid for products that purchased with a warranty for a given period, mentioned in the bill or invoice issued by Gadgetz.com.bd  
  • If any software or data is damaged or lost during the use of the product or the service Gadgetz.com.bd  , Gadgetz.com.bd   will not carry any responsible. Note that in this case, Gadgetz.com.bd   is also not responsible for data recovery or software restoration. 
  • There is no fixed time to return the product after completing the service work. The product of the specific model under warranty, this time can be from 5-6 days to a maximum of 35-40 days or more; this is because in most cases, the parts required for repair do not have sufficient buffer stock in the country, so they have to be imported, which is very time-consuming 
  • For a situation like Global Pandemic or Any Political unrest etc where all the flights are not allowed or stopped and the warranty is over as we can't send abroad Gadgetz.com.bd   will take the responsibility to repair it at their own cost anyhow but will need 2-3 months even if necessary as have to arrange parts as they needs to be imported or repaired outside country.
  • Consumers are informed that most of the warranty products are not repaired; the parts that are damaged are replaced but in most cases are imported from abroad. 
  • The Device and operating system customized at the time of sale are not covered by the warranty.
  • Gadgetz.com.bd   does not apply any kind of password or security code during the delivery of Devices, or any other products. The customer must take full responsibility for the all kinds of password. It will not be covered by the warranty.
  • Gadgetz.com.bd   will not be held responsible for any free software or hardware tuning provided Gadgetz.com.bd   during or after the expiration of the warranty period. 
  • Gadgetz.com.bd   will set the charges, in consent with the customer, for any services that are not covered by warranty.
  • A laptop display with one to three dots is ineligible for warranty claims. A customer can claim warranty if there are four or more dots. 
  • If the serial/sticker of the product is partially or completely removed or damaged, it will no longer be able to claim warranty. 
  • If the user writes anything with permanent ink on the product, it will void the warranty. 

 The warranty does not cover any damage to cables provided with a product regardless of a valid product warranty.

 If the warranty receipt paper of a particular product is lost, the product must be accepted subject to the receipt of its purchase and the provision of proper proof.