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          Realme Buds Air 5Pro Dual Device Connection

          Original price was: 9,000.00৳.Current price is: 6,999.00৳.

          Hoco EW60 Plus Active Noise Cancellation

          Original price was: 2,200.00৳.Current price is: 1,499.00৳.

          hoco EW57 Auspicious Clip-On TWS Headset

          Original price was: 1,980.00৳.Current price is: 1,680.00৳.

          HOCO EQ2 Wireless BT Headset Compact and lightweight

          Original price was: 1,200.00৳.Current price is: 1,000.00৳.

          HOCO EW61 TWS Touch Sensitive controls

          Original price was: 1,650.00৳.Current price is: 1,250.00৳.

          HOCO EQ5 TWS Wireless Earphone Portable Design

          Original price was: 3,800.00৳.Current price is: 1,899.00৳.

          Hoco EQ4 TWS Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation

          Original price was: 2,000.00৳.Current price is: 1,750.00৳.

          HOCO EQ11 TWS Water Resistance

          Original price was: 1,600.00৳.Current price is: 1,200.00৳.

          HOCO EQ3 Bluetooth In-Ear Buds Ergonomic design

          Original price was: 1,450.00৳.Current price is: 1,199.00৳.

          Realme Buds Air6 Pro TWS Low-Latency Gaming Mode

          Original price was: 9,300.00৳.Current price is: 7,500.00৳.

          OnePlus Buds Pro 2 True Wireless Earbuds

          Original price was: 16,480.00৳.Current price is: 14,980.00৳.

          OnePlus Buds V True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.2

          Original price was: 4,050.00৳.Current price is: 3,690.00৳.

          Realme Buds T110 TWS Earbuds 17-hour total battery life

          Original price was: 4,150.00৳.Current price is: 3,480.00৳.

          Realme Buds T300 True Wireless Earbuds ANC

          Original price was: 4,280.00৳.Current price is: 3,880.00৳.

          Realme Buds Air 6 Bluetooth 5.3

          Original price was: 6,150.00৳.Current price is: 5,150.00৳.

          Wiwu Airbuds SE 3rd Gen Bluetooth Earbuds – White

          Original price was: 3,500.00৳.Current price is: 2,450.00৳.
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